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Electrical & Electronics Engineering Trainers

The principal constituents of Electrical Engineering are Electricity, Electronics and Electromagnetism. Electrical Engineering is divided into numerous subfields which can be classified as Electronics, Instrumentation, Digital Computers, Telecommunications, Microelectronics, RF Engineering, Power Engineering, Signal Processing and Control Systems. Ours is one of the core companies related to Electrical & Electronics Engineering Trainers which are designed to get practical training on all these subjects along with the basic relations of elements of electrical engineering such as electric current, potential difference in a current carrying conductor and electromagnetic induction under various conditions.
Our attractively priced Electrical and Electronics Engineering Trainers / Training Kits are widely accepted and recognized in technical training institutes around the world. Acumen Labware is one of the leading Exporter of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Trainers / Training Kits in India.



  • Franck Hertz Experiment
  • Digital Control System
  • Magnetic Hysteresis Loop Tracer
  • Energy Band Gap
  • Dc Position Control
  • Electromagnet
  • Dependence Hall Coefficient Temperature
  • Electron Spin Resonance Spectrometer
  • Magnetoresistance Semiconductors
  • Integrated Circuit Regulator
  • Communication Lab Equipment
  • Digital Electronics Lab Equipment
  • Analog Electronics Lab Equipment
  • Oscillators Electronics Lab Equipment
  • Amplifiers Electronics Lab Equipment
  • Operational Amplifier Trainer Kits
  • Bread Board Trainers
  • Power Electronics Lab Equipment
  • Control Lab Equipment
  • Instrumentation Trainers
  • Electrical Bridge Trainers
  • Demonstrator Trainers
  • Microprocessor Microcontroller Lab Trainers
  • Microprocessor Interfacing Modules
  • Microprocessor Microcontroller Study Modules
  • Power Supplies
  • DC Regulated Power Supplies
  • Dual DC Regulated Powe Supplies
  • High Voltage Power Supplies
  • Meters Panel Mounted
  • Meters Portable
  • Meters Panel Mounted
  • Moving Coil Meters
  • Meassuring Testing Instruments
  • Isolation Transformers
  • variacs
  • starters

    Practical implementation and study of electrical engineering requires a lot of instruments and equipment. Some of these ubiquitously present engineering instruments are multimeter (for measuring current, voltage and resistance), Oscilloscopes (used for time-varying signals), Spectrum Analyzers & Network Analyzers (study of Radio Frequency Engineering used in mobile phones, radios, Wi-Fi etc.). All these instruments are an indelible part of Electrical & Electronics Engineering Trainig Equipment.

    These days many academic institutions have diversified or segregated Electrical Engineering into Electronics and Electrical Engineering streams thereby creating a specialisation right from undergraduate level. The stream electrical engineering has now been reserved for those specialising in high power, high current and heavy voltage related technical fields such as electrical distribution system and heavy industrial applications. While electronics engineers are specialized in low power, low current and low voltage related technical spheres such as micro-controllers, microprocessors and communication related technologies.

    Electrical Engineers design electrical distribution systems involving high voltage while on the other hand Electronics Engineers design circuits using micro or milli-volts applying the electromagnetic properties of components such as resistors, capacitors, diodes and transistors etc.