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Product Name: ANALOG ELECTRONICS Lab Equipment

Product Code:  In stock

ANALOG ELECTRONICS Lab Trainers & Equipments comprise of the following:

- Plank's Constant Apparatus ( by LED).
- Plank's Constant Apparatus ( by Photocell).
- Solar Cell Characteristics Apparatus.
- Transistor Characteristics Apparatus with Four Analog Meters.
- SCR Characteristics Apparatus.
- FET Characteristics Apparatus.
- PN Junction Diode Characteristics Apparatus with 2 Meters.
- Voltage Stabilization Characteristics of Zener diode with 2 Meters.
- Zener Diode V-I Characteristics Apparatus (Forward & Reverse).
- Energy Band Gap Apparatus.
- Thermistor Characteristics Apparatus.
- UJT Characteristics Apparatus & UJT as Relaxation Oscillator.
- UJT Characteristics Apparatus.
- UJT as Relaxation Oscillator.
- Mosfet Characteristics Apparatus.
- Characteristics & Application of Basic Thyristors (SCR, Diac, Traic, UJT).
- Characteristics & Application of Semiconductors & Thyristors (SCR, Daic, Traic, UJT, Mosfet, FET, BJT, Diode & Zener).
- Diac Characteristics Apparatus.
- Triac Characteristics Apparatus.
- Opto Coupler Characteristics Apparatus.
- LDR Characteristics Apparatus.
- LED Characteristics Apparatus.
- Opto Electronic Devices Characteristics (LED, LDR, Photo Transistor & Photo Diode).
- Photodiode Characteristics Apparatus.
- Photo Transistor Characteristics Apparatus.
- Measurement of Peak, Average & RMS value of a AC signal.
- Verification of KCL & KVL.
- Resistance in Series & Parallel Apparatus.
- Ohm's Law Apparatus.
- Charging & Discharging of Condenser.
- B.H. Curve Apparatus.
- Conversion of Galvanometer into Voltmeter.
- Conversion of Galvanometer into Ammeter.
- LCR Resonance Apparatus.
- LCR Impedance Apparatus.
- Circuit as Low Pass & High Pass Filters.
- Clipping & Clamping Circuit Apparatus.
- Half Wave, Full Wave & Bridge Rectifier Apparatus.
- Voltage Regulation using IC 317.
- Voltage Regulation using 78 Series Voltage Regulators.
- Ripple Factor Apparatus(Half Wave,Full Wave and Bridge Rectifier).