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Modulation Demodulation


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Product Name: Modulation Demodulation

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The MODULATION & DEMODULATION Trainers experimental equipment consists of modulating and demodulating circuits. The set-up has been provided with a fixed oscillator frequency of 70KHz, which may be used for carrier frequency. Therefore there is no need of a R.F. Oscillator. If the change in carrier frequency is desired ,the carrier signal may be given from any other oscillator also. Since the circuit is designed for comparatively low signal frequency of 70KHz to 150KHz carrier signal, the usual Oscilloscope is quite good to handle it.

The following studies can be carried out with this equipment

Carrier signal testing

· Variations in modulated wave with the modulation signal

· Study of detector circuit

The experimental equipment is provided with a built-in power supply.

· Measuring/Testing instruments required

· A.F. Oscillator


The above MODULATION & DEMODULATION Trainers experiment has been put up on a printed bakelite board with an aim of providing an easy understanding to the students of schools and colleges. At Acumen Labware we make customized scientific kits/instruments for schools and colleges in which components are well spread out for clarity and easy maintenance. The MODULATION & DEMODULATION Trainers set-up is provided with a user manual, which contains its detailed theory of operation, specifications and description of the various experiments that can be performed using it