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Power Supply


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Product Name: Power Supply

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As Acumen Labware is a leading supplier of Power Supply, our Power Supply equipments are generally used in schools and colleges for educational purposes. The Acumen Labware made Power Supply consists of a step-down transformer, a rectifier circuit (that can be used either as a half-wave or a full-wave rectifier), a filter circuit (which has two capacitors and an inductance) - this arrangement can be used for the study of a regulator circuit or various configuration of filters .

The following studies can be carried out with our POWER SUPPLY set-up:

1. Study of rectification :
(a) Full wave rectification
(b) Half wave rectification

2.   Regulation characteristics:
(a) The effect of load on regulation
(b) The effect of change in main's voltage

3. Study of ac component : (Ripples)

(a) Efficiency of various type of filters L, p, T type etc. (Ripples) (b) The effect of load
(c) The effect of regulation

 Brief Specifications

             Output : 0-12 volts
             Max. Current : 200 mA
             Regulation : 1%

 The above POWER SUPPLY experiment has been put up on a printed bakelite board with an aim of providing an easy understanding to the students of schools and colleges. At Acumen Labware we make customized scientific kits for schools and colleges in which components are well spread out for clarity and easy maintenance. The POWER SUPPLY set-up is provided with a user manual, which contains its detailed theory of operation, specifications and description of the various experiments that can be performed using POWER SUPPLY.