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Digital Spectrophotometer

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Product Name: Digital Spectrophotometer

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High Quality Digital Spectrophotometers have been supplied by acumen labware since inception. The quality of Digital Spectrophotometer by us is better than the counterparts because of the deligence involved in the making of the same. Digital Spectrophotometers by acumen labware are made by a team of astute engineers to yield highly immaculate productivity.They operate at a wavelength range of 340nm to 960nm. The output is available on a 3 digit LED display in terms of Optical Density, Percentage Transmission and Concentration. Model 14025 has 3 position rapid change cuvette (Test Tube Holder) selector. The cuvette holder can have 2 cuvettes for blank and sample or standard solution

Dual Digital dislplay for wavelength & data.
Wavelength resolution 1nm.
Direct Concentration facility.
10mm & 50mm path length.