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Melting Point Apparatus Precision Digital

Melting Point Apparatus Precision Digital

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Product Name: Melting Point Apparatus Precision Digital

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This is a compact instrument designed for accurate determinations of melting points of solid samples. The unit consists of a builtin magnetic stirrer, an electronic controller for adjusting the rate of heating of silicon oil bath, an ON/OFF switch, a pilot lamp, magnifier, a glare free illuminated background, a HIGH/LOW range selector switch and a digital temperature indicator with sensor. The outer body is made of 304 grade stainless steel. The silicon oil bath consists of a plain cylindrical container of corning glass having capacity about 200ml. It is having a Teflon cover with five holes. Three for holding the capillaries, one for the boiling point tube and one for the temperature sensor. Besides, it is fitted with a special type of oil immersion heater. The rate of heating of the bath can be precisely adjusted by the controller on the panel. The tips of the capillaries filled with sample powders can be kept suspended in the oil bath through the cover. The tips can be clearly observed through the magnifier on the illuminated background of the bath. A highly sensitive sensor is fitted to the equipment so that the melting points can be correctly determined by varying the temperature of the bath. A STOP button is fitted on the front which is to be pressed when the desired change is observed in the sample under test. The temperature reached at that stage is then held on the digital display heating can be start again by re-push the stop button. The operator can concentrate on the visual observation of the sample without looking to the thermometer, the readings obtained are very accurate. The range of the apparatus is from about 2C above room temperature upto 300C, with readability 1C. The apparatus is supplied with 175ml silicon oil for use upto 300C and a box of capillaries. It can also be used for determination of boiling point, flow points and molecular weight Rast's method with special tubes, not supplied with the instrument.