BUY LOW COST AUTOCLAVE from High Pressure Autoclave Manufacturers. Autoclaves by Acumen Labware are vastly used in varied fields like veterinary science, microbiology, medicine, tattooing, dentistry, chiropody & prosthetics fabrication. The autoclaves vary in size and function depending upon the application and the materiel to be sterilized. Typically the autoclave media consists of laboratory glassware, surgical instruments, medical waste and lysogeny broth. Pre washed surgical instruments are put in an autoclave for sterilization, this process decontaminates or effectively kills the bacteria. The aerospace industry and sail boat manufacturers also use big autoclaves. Due to such a wide customer base in a short time Acumen Labware has emerged as a big Autoclave Supplier & Best Quality Autoclave Exporters, hence we are a renowned Vertical & Horizontal Autoclave Manufacturer in India.