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PORTABLE METERS comprise of the following:

- Watt meter 1 PH, 1E, 0.5A to 20 Amp voltage range 50 to 600 V.
- Watt meter 1 PH, 1E, 0.5A to 20 Amp Two voltage range 150/300V,300/600V,250/500V.
- Watt meter 1 PH, 1E,0.5/1A,1/2A,2.5/5A, 75/150V,125/250V,150/300V,250/500V,300/600V.
- Watt meter 1 PH, 1E,0.5/1A,1/2A,2.5/5A, 75/150/300V,125/250/500V,150/300/600V.
- Watt meter 3P 2E, 0.5/1A,1/2A,2.5/5A, 125/250V,110/220V,250/500V.
- Watt meter 3P 3E, 0.5/1A,1/2A,2.5/5A, 5/10A,10/20A,110V/125V,250V,440V,500V.
- Power Factor Meter 1E 1PH,5A/250V.
- Power Factor Meter 1E 1PH,0.5/1A,1/2A,2.5/5A,5/10A, 10/20A,75/150/300V,125/250/500V, 150/300/600V.
- Power Factor Meter 3PH,2E,0.5/1A,1/2A,2.5/5A,5/10A, 10/20A,62.5/125V,125/250V,250/500V.
- Power factor Meter 3PH,3E,1A,2.5A,5A, 10A,110V,125V,250V/440V/500V.
- Voltmeters (single range) 10,20,25,30, 50,60,100,120,300,600 Volt.
- Voltmeters (double range) 10/20,15/30, 150/300,300/600 Volt.
- Voltmeters (triple range) 150/300/600 Volt.
- Ampere Meter (single range) 5,10,20,25,30,50 Amp.
- Ampere Meter (double range) 10/20,15/30,25/50 Amp.
- Milli Ampere Meter (single range) 500mA.
- Milli Ampere Meter (double range) 500/1000mA.